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Send Ewallet or have binitoo wallet

 Get a binitoo wallet where by you can access funds by atm or cellphone number by dialing *120*277# and choose binitoo cash wallet. you can get your wallet now by providing copy of SA ID, passport or assylum copy and proof of address and cell number. And a deposite fee R150 for registration and card to use at Atm

To get a bwallet

Call or 0120231111 or whatsapp +27767555257 to register

Then after we regitered you dial *120*277# and choose Binitoo sa wallet option 1 and follow the prompts

Benefits of Binitoo Wallet

No monthly charges.

Pay as you go fees.

Deposite up to maximum of R150000 balance

24/7 Notification on transaction on cellphone.

Get your wallet now call us on or whatsapp +27767555257 or 0120231111 or +27 12 341 0461 email

How to send money to cell phone or Binitoo wallet

1 call us to register and send us picture of your id, passport,assylum.

2 Give us phone of recipient

3 deposit money in our account

4 reciepient get the funds on his phone. Accessible by phone at any fnb atm

Benefits of Binitoo voucher

No need a credit card or bank account to buy online accepted every where in the world by our merchants. Top up your binitoo wallet account in any currency. Exchange your voucher to cash at retail or supported merchants and agents

Make eft instant eft or debit check with Binitoo

Make salary payments

Make eft or instant eft

Pay suppliers

Cash to eft. we make payements on your behalf even you dont have account.

Cash to you bank account. Deposit in store to your bank account save up to 60 % off on cash deposite fees chargers.