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Binitoo Point of sale soon Coming

Binitoo soon will launch a point of sale for any one to transact and used any where. Stay tuined for more information. Email afree quote.

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Binitoo Cash Vouchers

Mobile wallet to Binitoo wallet

With your mtn mobile money cash to account, you can transfer money to binitoo wallet instantly. We dont charge for direct Bank eft on account and mtn when recieving funds. But we charge we charge 2.3% on cash deposited in stores to recieve

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cash deposit in store to Bank accounts

With Binitoo wallet or cash deposited in store and cash depoisted in our accounts, you can make payments instant efts,swift and bank depsoits in east and south africa. To make payement from cash to your to local banks. Deposite cash via retail stores at Pep, shoprite,checkers,ackermans,game and jumbo.use 1165420005177042 P kiyemba for binitoo BINITOO then then send us a proof payement plus your your binitoo wallet account id as reference. Please make sure you add 2.25 to cover costs for transactions. Then send us a whatsapp message or email with the bank details and reference details to use when we process your payement. will send a reciept to confirm the payment by email or whatsapp or sms. please do note that we charge R12.00 for normal EFT and express payment fees is from R30 to R70 which is immediate. Please do specify and also include transaction fees. Other wise will deduct the costs from the exact amoun you sent to us. Avoid the line in the bank when making payments. Dont walk long distance bse you want to pay fees, water bills or anything. We are available 24/7 to assist you.Go mobile go wallet go Binitoo wallet. Make local and regional and swift payements at the comfort of your home or viallage..

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Binitoo Wallet to mobile money wallet

With Binitoo wallet, you can send cash to any cellphone and bank account in South Africa, in regional (Southern africa)(Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia) and swift. Use Binitoo wallet to transact any time any day with instant pay out to all major banks in uganda. No more waiting of funds to clear due to interbank transfers. With our wallet payment are initiated with 10 to 30 mins once authorised. Get the best rate. Transfer fund from your mobile wallet to Binitoo Get your payments instant with out delays. No more waiting for funds to clear processes or waiting. Access your funds immediatly with our wallet system which is available 24/7 Open Account Now