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Acquirers and Vendors

 Binitoo cash , binitoo LLC and Binitoo group are currently recruiting and require acquirer and vendors allowed the global for their expansion and operations. The main functions and objectives of the acquirers and vendors is to recruit agents, merchants, and facilitate customer's wallet top and querries. we require merchants in every country allound the world. acquirers can only be companies registered and fully in operational.To become a n acruire send us request by

Adventages of acquirers or vendors

Set up their own fees.create and register agents. Set up merchants in the country of operation. Earn comission on every withdraw made inquire more send us a whatsapp +27739647888 to register

Binitoo will ofer you with training.

Benefits of Binitoo acqirer

Set own commission fees.

Earn additional income and increase sales to your existing business

Increase on cash flow balance of business

24/7 do transactions and access to the system.

Become an acquirer or vendor now call us on or whatsapp +27739647888 or +27120231111 or +27 12 341 0461 email