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Binitoo flights on sale now

Binitoo soon will launch a point of sale for any one to transact and use it any where. Stay tuined for more information. Email for afree quote.

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Binitoo Cash Vouchers

Binitoo Vouchers

With Binitoo top up Vouchers, you can make online payments without a credit card, so there’s no need to draw on credit when shopping online. and at no extra cost to you.

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Binitoo Wallet

With Binitoo wallet, you can recieve mobile money payments instant efts,swift and bank depsoits in east and south africa. make use of our voucher which are sold by many agents and redeem into cash. Take africa tradition cash payments to digital world of cards and digital wallets top up such as skrill and paypal instant with out credit card, so there’s no need to draw on credit when shopping online. use our api to intergrate in your web site such that customers start paying using our vouchers and wallets. minimise risks of charge back of credit by accepting binitoo wallet vouchers as alternative payement to cards. funds are settled to you instant or withdraw via our wallets cards no matter where you are, you access your funds.

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Binitoo Wallet Cards

With Binitoo wallet cards, withdraw cash at any atm. use it at any point sale. notification when deposit and withdraw. Order your card today and start transacting. we have local cards in rand value. Order yours now. Order card Now